Accommodation in Salamanca


LSC offers different types of accommodation to please every student tastes. You can combine two or even three different accommodation types during your stay in LSC.

You could choose within the next:

  • Homestay family
    • An absolute immersion in the country culture with a Spanish family.
  • Student flat
    • For who prefer a more independent stay.
  • Residence hall
    • Live on your own in a cosmopolitan environment.
  • Apartment
    • The best option if you want complete privacy.

As soon as LSC receive your enrolment form, you will get a confirmation of your course, full address of your accommodation and any other services you had asked for, with complete information about them like starting day and hour of your course for example.


If the accommodation would not suit your requirement, LSC guarantees a change in a period no longer than 48 hours. But there must be a justified reason to ask for a change.

All types of accommodation will be constantly monitored by us. Any kind of damage or any other undesired circumstance you might find on arrival must be reported straight away to the school so that it can be swiftly repaired.

All accommodations provided by LSC are at a maximum of 20 minutes walking distance from our centre. You may combine several different types of accommodation during your stay (depending on availability). In order to do so, you will have to ask for them in advance when you send us the enrolment form.