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The conferences organized by the school dealing with Spanish language, economy or all aspects of society provide fascinating information regarding numerous aspects of Spain and the world. In these after-class activities our teachers will welcome you in the conference audiovisual room to talk on topics like Spanish Literature, History, Arts or Geography.

Activities in our Spanish school: Conferences

At each talk you will be given a fact sheet on the topic to be covered with information and dates. Themes like Cervantes, Spanish colonization of the Americas, the Civil War or the famous Spanish painters will be deeply explained.

This afternoon talks will also take the form of a debate about current World affairs topics and historic controversies, discussed so you can put your point of view forward. Politics, social issues, terrorism or entertainment news will be object of discussion, always in a polite and respectful way.

Right after your Spanish course class, these debates and talks will improve your knowledge about Geography, arts and history, explained in an easy way to make students understand the idiosyncrasy not only of Spain but the entire world.

Attendance at the talks and debates will be conducted entirely in Spanish, so you will can to improve your vocabulary and aural comprehension.