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Dinners promoted by LSC are the best way to have a good time tasting food and enjoying the best company. School students can be very shy reaching Spain from different places of the world, but in these dinners they leave this hypothetic shyness and know each other talking, eating and drinking in Salamanca restaurants.

Activities in our Spanish school: Dinners

Each time the event is located in a different restaurant to explore a different menu, so that you can become familiar with Spanish gastronomy and also with foreign dishes. At these gatherings, we attempt to foster friendship and a good atmosphere amongst all the people.

The typical dishes of Spain can be tasted in these dinners, which are organized many times during the season. Gastronomical delights like paella, the famous black footed ham, cochinillo, tortilla or other Spanish dishes can be tasted in these special nights. Besides, the visit to other type of places is also possible because Salamanca offers many ethnic restaurants from Japan, Argentina, Italy, France, Mexico, China or Turkey.