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Excursions to interesting places around Salamanca at the weekends are organized regularly by LSC like other option to your spare time. They may last half a day, one day or two. The school charters coaches, books hotels, arranges guides, obtains tickets for visiting museums, etc. All you have to do is sign the petition, take your camera with you and enjoy yourself.

Activities in our Spanish school: Excursions

The travel destination is open to the student desires. If you want to visit Spanish and Portuguese towns near Salamanca like Madrid, Avila, Segovia, Burgos, Porto or Lisbon, LSC offers you the possibility to enjoy these historical places full of charming monuments. Other little towns and villages in Salamanca Province like Sierra de Francia, Aldeadavila, Ciudad Rodrigo or La Alberca are also very interesting to visit.

The excursions, for which students will pay a nominal fee, only go ahead if a sufficient number of people want to take part. These activities will be always announced on the boards in the entrance hall.