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LSC shows regularly films in Spanish from local productions or foreign dubbed movies as an entertaining way to learn Spanish rapidly. In the afternoon hours, the school offers the opportunity to watch any film available, from contemporary films to classic ones which never go out of fashion.

Activities in our Spanish school: Films

The school organizes Spanish movie sessions, which are free of charge to our students. We want to give them access to contemporary Spanish directors like Almodóvar, Amenábar or De la Iglesia.

We also want to show representative examples of the movies production in Spain from its origins to current days, covering major film trends from Second Republic, Civil War, Francoist Dictatorship and finally Democratic Spain. Focus on these films will show more deeply Spanish culture and identity in past times to the students.

LSC's goal is that you do not waste your class in watching movies, but having the possibility to do this in your spare time. Most of the films are viewed with subtitles in Spanish so that in this way you can enrich your vocabulary. The school has a collection of videos and DVDs that you could view. Ask at reception for availability of the viewing room and enjoy our Home Cinema sound system.