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With more than 40,000 students coming from all Spain and abroad, Salamanca is plagued by discos and bars that welcome every weekend thousands of young people desiring to have fun. Pubs and bars host usually parties where drinks can be bought at gift prices.

Activities in our Spanish school: Parties

LSC also organizes parties of every type; barbecues in the open country, welcome or farewell parties, etc. The students also usually organize these events in their houses or in bars; with sangria and some snacks all is possible and it is a good way of socialization knowing people.

Every year the number of places dedicated to nightlife grows and many of them have a specialty drink of its own. It may be that Salamanca is one of the most fun cities in all Spain, where there are different partying zones, and one can easily go from one zone to another, all reachable on foot in few minutes.