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Participating in the "tapeo" provides an opportunity to feel the pulse of Salamanca and to be charged with its electricity. Often LSC teachers go out with their students to several bars in Salamanca to taste the appetizers and wines from the different regions of the country.

Activities in our Spanish school: Tapas

Tapas are little dishes of Spain served before lunch and dinner in bars and taverns. There are as many variations of tapas as there are cooks in Spain. They are small portions of food, with along with drinks, are served as part of the social scene.

Salamanca is famous by its numerous bars, places where people gather to chat, joke, flirt, have drinks, eat tapas or simply to while away the time. Going to a tapas bar is a typically Spanish activity. During decades the custom has consist in going to a bar to take a glass of draught and some appetizer. Nowadays this tradition goes on as popular as decades ago and you can see yourself in Salamanca. Once you have tried this initiative, we are sure you will repeat the experience.