Do you want to learn Spanish in Spain?

Why you should learn Spanish in Spain? Because there are lots of good reasons! We organize spanish courses in schools situated in the most important cities of Spain and you will soon realize how quick you will be learning. If you learn Spanish in Spain you have a double advantage. You will study it during your lessons and all our native and well trained teachers will help you to develop your linguistic skills and to improve your comprehension. Then you will use the language outside the school, in every moment of your life in Spain. For example, you can speak Spanish when you see your friends, when you go shopping, in your spare time and much more! You can also take advantage of your stay to discover the country and its culture. You will love it! So, are you still wondering why you should learn Spanish in Spain? It's faster, it's easier, it's funny!

Why learn spanish in Spain? | Spanish Courses in Spain: our destinations

Spanish courses in Salamanca

Spanish Courses in Salamanca

LSC has the most modern premises for a Spanish school in Salamanca. It was designed and built to be a language school.

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Spanish courses in Madrid

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Our Spanish School in Madrid is located in a 19th century palace with exceptional architectural features, and beside the Parliament, the Retiro Park, the Prado Museum...

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Spanish courses in San Sebastian

Spanish Courses in San Sebastian

Our school in San Sebastián is a dynamic Spanish school, committed to the linguistic and cultural training of international students who come to northern Spain...

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Spanish Courses in Sevilla

Our school in Seville was founded 24 years ago and is currently regarded as the most outstanding schools for the Spanish Language...

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Spanish courses in Tenerife

Spanish Courses in Tenerife

Our language school is located in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, the largest of the Canary islands, in a calm residential area called 'La Paz' in front of the Botanical Garden...

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Spanish courses in Barcelona

Spanish Courses in Barcelona

Our spanish school in Barcelona has modern facilities and offers a wide range of courses given by extremely professional teachers...

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Spanish courses in Santander

Spanish Courses in Santander

Our Spanish School in Santander is situated in the city centre, five minutes from the railway station and the beaches...

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Spanish courses in Valencia

Spanish Courses in Valencia

Our spanish school in Valencia occupies an entire four-story building and offers excellent facilities for language study. We offer high-quality Spanish courses in a familiar and friendly atmosphere...

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Spanish courses in Malaga

Spanish Courses in Malaga

Our school in Malaga stands in the ancient town centre, by the "Plaza de la Merced." Just a few minutes from our Institute, you can enjoy Malaga's sunny beaches, beautiful monuments...

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Spanish courses in Granada

Spanish Courses in Granada

Our school in Granada has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language since 1986, and is accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes...

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