Festivals calender


Las Fallas de San Jose - 15 to 19 March - Valencia

Fallas de Valencia During 4 days and 4 nights, huge statues made of cardboard are set in the streets and squares. They represent caricatures of famous persons or of usual people like the dentist. Las Fallas mark the beginning of the springtime with firecrackers and explosions all around the city. The last day, the St Jose's day, all the statues are burnt making huge pyres.

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Holy Week and the Seville Fair - Seville

Feria de Abril - Sevilla"La Feria de Sevilla" usually take place 2 weeks after la Semana Santa. Seville is internationally renowned for the processions and the colorful and lively fair. During Feria, families, businesses and organisations set up casetas, marquees, in which they spend the week dancing, drinking, and socializing. Traditionally, the women wear elaborate flamenco dresses and the men dress in their best suits. The marquees are set up on a permanent fairground in which each street is named after a famous bullfighter.

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Fiestas de San Isidro - 15 May – Madrid

San Isidro - MadridThey honor the Madrid St Patron with festivities, processions and corridas. You will also enjoy the rock concerts, theatre shows or handcrafted feria. On 2nd March, they commemorate the rebellion of Madrid against the French invasion. The festivities take place in Plaza Dos de Mayo and Comendadoras, in the heart of the capital.

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Fiestas of the Corpus Christi – 23 to 29 Mayo - Granada

Corpus Christi - GranadaWith the arrival of the Corpus Christi, inhabitants burst themselves in the streets to live one of the most intense moments. Around midday, las casetas are crowded with people willing to taste the traditional savors.

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Semana Grande - 13-20 August - San Sebastian

Semana GrandeFor its "Big Week", San Sebastian literally erupts, with amazing nightly firework competition lighting up the bay (picture, left). The fairs, attractions, dances, markets, bullfighting, concerts and street partying make the "Semana Grande" one of the most exciting times of the year for a visit.

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Feria de Málaga - 11 to 19 August - Malaga

This fiesta starts off with a bang, literally, with an impressive firework display on the beach la Malagueta and a speech. Then you will be informed of all the events: queen and king competition, bulls, flamenco, concerts, exhibitions…

Feria de Malaga

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Carnaval of Santa Cruz - Tenerife

Carnaval of Santa Cruz - TenerifeThe carnival in Tenerife and more specially the one of Santa Cruz is said to be third only to that of Rio and Venice. Each year a different theme is chosen and the carnival kicks off with the presentation of the Carnival Queen Contestants. Days of band and murga (comedic folk singers) contests and concerts follow and culminate in the Grand Parade. Festivities focus on Santa Cruz to begin with but gradually spread out to other areas as each town and village celebrates its own fiesta. Tenerife carnival is finished with the burial of the sardine.

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Santander - 1 to 28 August

SantanderNorthern Spain's great arts festival takes place in Santander, with the month of August devoted to classical music (ranging from Gregorian chant to new commissions), opera, ballet and jazz. Numerous concerts are packed into the month-long festival, with many of the main events taking place in the large hall of the Festival Palace.

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Ferias of Salamanca – 8 to 14 - Salamanca

From 8th of Septembre to 14th, one of the most interesting and entertaining events of the region take place in Salamanca: exotic music, concerts, shows, theater….

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La Merced – 24 September - Barcelona

La merced - BarcelonaLa Merced, the day of parade and festival of Barcelona's patron saint, sounds like it should be a relaxing evening. But in reality, La Merced demonstrates a recurring theme in Spanish festivals found in many and varied forms: the struggle between life and death. Monstrous dragons raging fire from their nostrils and demons exploding fireworks from their mouths invade the entire city.

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