At LSC we have chosen ten of the best language schools in Spain as well as the greatest destinations to learn Spanish. All our schools have something in common: high quality courses and all our destinations have something different: they are the top ten cities in Spain:

Our destination in Spain
  • Barcelona: known worldwide, cultural, modern city, cosmopolitan, fun.
  • Granada: the city to visit, small, friendly, beach and mountain just around the corner, great fun.
  • Madrid: the capital, culture, arts, museums, cosmopolitan, large nightlife. All you can ask for!
  • Malaga: Costa del Sol, sun, beach, golf
  • Salamanca: Culture, history, great architecture, people, tapas, nightlife. All you need within 15 minutes walk.
  • Santander: Beach, mild weather all year round. A city to get to know!
  • San Sebastian: Beautiful, beach, food, a great place to saunter.
  • Sevilla: history, monuments, culture, flamenco, passion, full of life. Live it!
  • Tenerife: the mountain, sun, beach, beautiful weather year round. Just Great!
  • Valencia: modern, Mediterranean, beach, sun, buzzing with people. Good Fun!