Cultural Program

We visit the Prado Museum to admire and share our opinions on the works of painters like Velázquez and Goya.

We take part in cooking classes with professional chefs and learn how to make typical Spanish dishes and drinks. We then have fun eating and enjoying a glass of Spanish wine together.

We take a walk through “Madrid de los Austria o de los Borbones” to soak up the city's architecture and history.

We travel to nearby towns with an immense cultural and artistic heritage, such as Toledo, Segovia, Ávila and El Escorial, all of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage cities. |

We go to a concert, a play or a performance that speaks to us of Spanish culture.

We organize a party in a fashionable bar for Spanish students at LSC and then go on to a nightclub together.

We visit El RASTRO, the famous outdoor street market, or shop in Madrid's most modern stores.

Madrid Photos. Our school in Madrid Madrid Photos. Our school in Madrid

A selection of fairs, fiestas and festivals


The Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival. The procesión of the Three Wise Men. Madrid Fusion: International Gastronomy Summit


Alternative Festival of the Scenic Arts. ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair. Madrid International Fashion Week.


Madrid en Danza dance festival. Pop Culture Festival.


Madrid en Danza dance festival.


Flamenco Week. Documenta Madrid. Festimad Pop-Rock. Hip-Hop Urban Culture Festival. Festival of the Patron Saints.




Veranos de la Villa (theater, dance, music). Photoespaña.


Veranos de la Villa (theater, dance, music)


Festival Pura Vida music festival. Flamenco Summit in the Madrid Subway. Madrid International Fashion Week.


Festival de Jazz San Juan Evangelista. The Scenic Arts Fall Festival.


Festival Internacional de Jazz de Madrid. The Scenic Arts Fall Festival.


Gospel and Spiritual Music Festival. Festival Músicas del Mundo.


Our linguistic exchange partner program with Spaniards provides our students with the opportunity to get closer to the “Spanish way of life” and to practise what is learned in class. LSC Partners is an effective and personal way of learning, while at the same time a means of making new friends.

Here's how it works: you your partner meet to speak the language you are both learning, practising first the one and then the other. Together you not only improve your linguistic knowledge, but also get to know many other aspects of each other's culture and way of life.