The accommodation

All the accommodation offered to students is always carefully selected by the school to be of high quality and is within walking distance of the school. Accommodation is reserved from the Sunday before the course starts until the Saturday (12.00h- midday) after the last day of the course. Bed sheets and blankets (though no towels) are provided.

Shared apartments

Apartments to share with other students of the Institute in either single or in double rooms. The apartments are within walking distance* of the school and have 3 or 4 bed-rooms, a living-room, well-equipped kitchen and one or two fully-fitted bathrooms. Bed sheets and blankets (though no towels!) are provided as well as a washing machine and tv set.

* In summer, there is an elevated number of students and a high demand for apartments. This means that occasionally some lodgings within 15 or 20 minutes of the school need to be rented.

Host families

Highly recommended. The best way to learn a language is to be deeply immersed in it.
Home Stay, double or single room, full-board or half board.