The accommodation

LSC offers a varied range of accommodation options to our students. Family stay is the ideal choice for students who want an absolute immersion in the Spanish culture. Student flat is the right choice for the students who prefer a more independent stay. Student residence is the best option for students who want to live on their own in a cosmopolitan environment and if you want complete privacy an apartment is the best option.

Accommodation a Salamanca - Host families Accommodation a Salamanca - Student flat

Host families

This is the ideal choice for students that want their stay in Salamanca to be an absolute inmersion in the Spanish culture. We offer you an excellent group of host families noted for their kindness and warm welcome together with a large experience with foreign students. This type of accommodation will greatly contribute to the learning of the Spanish language and culture, especially regarding for customs, traditions and family celebrations.
The prices includes:

  1. Accommodation in a single or double room.
  2. Full or partial board (laundry service is not included) *.
  3. Personal attention and help with your adaptation.
  4. Home keys, which you will be able to enter or leave at any hour with complete freedom.
* If you want a weekly laundry service, the price is 36 Euros/month (ironing not included).
The maximum distance from the school is 20 minutes by public transport.

Student flat

If the student prefers a more independent stay, he/she can always choose for a stay in a student flat. These flats have three or four bedrooms (single and double rooms) living room, kitchen (fully equipped with all cooking utensils, microwave, washing machine and refrigerator) and shared bathroom. The flats are shared by Unverspain students from all around the world which will enrich your staying.

Within the flat you will be responsible for certain things as contributing to the cleaning of the flat, cooking your own food and always remembering to respect your flatmates and neighbours. A small deposit is charged (in case you will cause any damage in the flat) which will be refunded at the end of your stay.

We will provide you with sheets and blankets and the price also includes electricity, gas, water, and the weekly cleaning of the communal areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom and hallways). This type of accommodation is only available to students over eighteen years.

Residence Hall

This is best option for students that want to live on their own, in a cosmopolitan environment. We offer you a confortable residence with spacious rooms (individual or double), share bathroom (there is also rooms with private bathroom with an extra charge) dining hall, laundry facilities,telephone centre, video room and internet access.
The price includes:

  1. Accommodation in a single or double room.
  2. Full or partial board.
  3. Daily cleaning of the room.
  4. Clean sheets and blankets weekly (You will have to bring your own towels).
The student's residence accommodation is only available in summer, from 15th June to 15th September.