The activities

LSC has drawn up a varied program of activities so that you will not get bored. Posted for your information in the entrance hall announced boards, every week day there is a programmed activity after the classes. Some of them will be free charged; others will need to be paid for. On the other hand, it is normal that more informal events organized by the own students are summoned and advertised through the school.

Activities in Salamanca Activities in Salamanca Activities in Salamanca

LSC consider very important that the students learn the Spanish language not only through attending the courses, but also by practising the language during extra curricular activities. If your course is important to you, so is your spare time too.


The conferences organized by the school dealing with Spanish language, economy or all aspects of society provide fascinating information regarding numerous aspects of Spain and the world. In these after-class activities our teachers will welcome you in the conference audiovisual room to talk on topics like Spanish Literature, History, Arts or Geography.


With more than 40,000 students coming from all Spain and abroad, Salamanca is plagued by discos and bars that welcome every weekend thousands of young people desiring to have fun. Pubs and bars host usually parties where drinks can be bought at gift prices. LSC also organizes parties of every type; barbecues in the open country, welcome or farewell parties, etc. The students also usually organize these events in their houses or in bars; with sangria and some snacks all is possible and it is a good way of socialization knowing people.


Dinners promoted by LSC are the best way to have a good time tasting food and enjoying the best company. School students can be very shy reaching Spain from different places of the world, but in these dinners they leave this hypothetic shyness and know each other talking, eating and drinking in Salamanca restaurants.


LSC offers you the opportunity to enjoy sports under completely safe conditions. An extensive range of all-year-round sporting activities like trekking or horse-riding are available. Plus the more conventional sports: tennis, basketball, football, jogging or swimming. Indoor football fields, tennis courts, running tracks, swimming pools, both private and public, are available to practice these sports.


Excursions to interesting places around Salamanca at the weekends are organized regularly by LSC like other option to your spare time. They may last half a day, one day or two. The school charters coaches, books hotels, arranges guides, obtains tickets for visiting museums, etc. All you have to do is sign the petition, take your camera with you and enjoy yourself.


Participating in the "tapeo" provides an opportunity to feel the pulse of Salamanca and to be charged with its electricity. Often LSC teachers go out with their students to several bars in Salamanca to taste the appetizers and wines from the different regions of the country.


LSC shows regularly films in Spanish from local productions or foreign dubbed movies as an entertaining way to learn Spanish rapidly. In the afternoon hours, the school offers the opportunity to watch any film available, from contemporary films to classic ones which never go out of fashion.

Writing and Reading Workshop

LSC provides its students with a reading workshop to improve their pronunciation and intonation in Spanish language each week. Texts from Spanish novels and other works of the classic "Golden Age" literature will be chosen, besides national newspapers; texts will be read aloud and the teacher will correct mistakes in pronunciation and intonation. The different rimes and intonation will be deeply studied. A well prepared teacher will lead this workshop.