The courses

Within our range of courses you will find the type of course which best suits your needs and expectations depending on how intensive it is. You can find courses from three to six hours of class a day. Here we give a brief outline of each course, to make your choice easier.

Standard Spanish courses

The basic course is the one of the most demanded by our students, both because of its contents and its price. This course comprises four lessons per day, two of grammar plus two of conversation. It is usual that within a month, a student contracting this course is able to hold easy conversations of everyday situations such as shopping, going to cinemas, etc. It is recommended for those who have more time to study.


  • Number of levels: 8
  • Number of students minimum per class: 5
  • Number of students maximum per class: 10

Intensive Spanish courses

This course comprises five lessons per day, including two hours of grammar and two of conversation, plus an extra hour of conversation, trying to maximise students oral fluency. Within a short time, students will make greater progress in the communicative aspect of Spanish language learning, because with an extra hour for conversation, oral fluency as well as range of vocabulary, is considerably increased.
Those who do not have much time to come to study Spanish and need a slightly more intensive course have in this option an ideal choice and the time-money relation of this course makes it an inviting option.


  • Number of levels: 8
  • Number of students minimum per class: 5
  • Number of students maximum per class: 10

Power Spanish Courses

This is the most intensive course LSC offers, comprising 6 lessons a day of class time, two lessons of grammar, three of conversation (these include reading and writing) and one private lesson. With this course we can guarantee success in reaching your goals quickly. Even though 6 lessons of Spanish course per day might seem very hard to you or even boring, our teaching methods will make you find your course enjoyable and fly by.
When you finish your course, you will be able not only to speak and write in Spanish, but to an extent and with a degree of accuracy that you find hard to envisage before.

One to one lessons

These are tailor made classes adapted to the student needs. The teacher tailors the classes offering a complete and personal service. If you choose this service, when you come to the end of your stay, you would have made the most of your time and money. These classes can be also a complement to any other LSC courses.


  • These are tailor made classes for you.
  • Complementary to any of the other Spanish courses that LSC offers.
  • You decide on the number of private lessons every day.
  • Minimum number of lessons: 1 per day.

D.E.L.E. courses

This specific course is prepared to help students to pass the D.E.L.E examination, an official accreditation on the degree of mastery of the Spanish language.
The course comprises two grammar lessons, two conversation classes and one examination preparation class using texts and exams from previous years, as well as specialized books and materials.
Remember that the D.E.L.E. examination periods are in November and May. Examination fees are not included in the price.


  • Number of levels: 3
  • Number of students minimum per class: 5
  • Number of students maximum per class: 10

Special Courses

  • Groups.
  • Spanish Teachers.
  • Business Spanish Courses.
  • Spanish Courses at Home.
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